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Special post for BarlowGirl

Hey Girls!

We decided to do a surprise for you, hope you enjoy it!
You guys have impacted so many lives here in Brazil. I am sure that all of us are so thankful for everything you’ve done through these years as BarlowGirl band.

We were shocked when you published your decision about retirement. 
But then we realized that what you are doing is too amazing!
Renounce something can being too hard! Especially when you have no idea what comes ahead.

How great is being able to say yes to the Lord! Even when we don’t understand so much what is really happening. That's the beauty about trusting: Can just hold the Father’s hands knowing that He will lead you to a beautiful new adventure.Go ahead! Enjoy it!

And FYI: BarlowGirl will never die. Your songs will live forever in our whole lives. You'll be forever in our hearts!

And what about us? Your fans... What we gonna do now?

We'll hold on to what we learned. We will tell the world that there was a band that changed our lives! A band who said us to live to die, to use our voice to break the silence, that we are much more valuable than the clothes we wear, that only God can defines us, and especially, that this world has nothing to us, because our God is enough for us.

We are the chosen generation!

As you know, we have a group called "we are million voices", and we will continue to support you in everything here in Brazil. Our voice will never be silent! and BarlowGirl Brasil won’t be deactivated we want everybody could be reading about your stories and inspiring messages, let’s say you girls let us a ‘legacy’ we’ll continue that! We’ll always be supporting you girls!

We’ve asked your Brazilian fans to send some testimonies about you. And trust us, we had no idea how many lives you have influenced here. We received tons of emails! Here are just some of them:"Hello!
My name is Samara Maia and I’d like to tell you girls how God gave me some peace through Never Alone song.

On January 16th 2011 I lost my sister due to a cancer.
It was a terrible day and it was a very painful 8 months before my sister dies.
I was with no hope I felt that God didn’t worry about all my tears.
She died at home and after the funeral takes her body that entire scene stays in my mind. My mother and I were at home without know what to do and I turned on the TV and changing all the channels, suddenly something makes me to stop on a channel called: Boas Novas.
Never Alone was on that channel with subtitles in Portuguese and the way I was feeling  if the video clip wasn’t with subtitles it wouldn’t make any difference because I wasn’t feeling good and my English isn’t that good.
When I was watching the video I realized that God really was by my side even after everything He will never abandoned me.
If God wasn’t shown me the video I really don’t know if I’ve supported that day.
I’d like the band know that."

"On 2008, when I knew the band I felt in love. Not just because of the songs but because of all the messages on it.  BarlowGirl give me strengths when I’m just judge and love is all I feel when I listen to their songs.  They always had a message to inspire me, doesn’t matter the moments, in the happiness moment and even in the sadness moments. The Band career could be finished but they’ll always be the best Christian band that will always be inspiring my life.
I wish I could have written a lot of things in that picture so I just decided to ask God to keep blessing our girls in their new journey."

Here we finish our special post in your honor!!
We wish you girls all the best on this new journey!

BarlowGirl Brasil team:
@amandavboas | @BrunaFeltrin | @Itskesiasilva

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Nao desmerecendo as outras historias, mas a da Samara, merecia mesmo fazer parte deste post.
Eu adorei, de verdade =)

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