domingo, 29 de julho de 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Lauren!!!

Lauren Barlow,
That's a special post for you!

So, we hope you like!

There we go!

"Dear Lauren, You're such a very special woman! You're one of the chosen generation! I believe you'll make history taking God's word into the world! Making difference wherever you go! I wish you all the best! May you be blessed each day! Cheers!" Bruna | @BrunaFeltrin | @BarlowGirlBr

"Lauren, you're a special blessing for too many people! May God continue using you to spread His love into the world!! Happy Birthday!! I hope it's a great one!" Késia | @itskesiasilva

"Dear Lauren, we're grateful God for your lifestyle, and may God give you the opportunity to bless many lives. I wish you all the best!!! May God keep blessing you!" Marih | @maariihmachado

"Lauren, I wish you all the best! The world is a better place just because you were born. I hope you have the best day EVER! Happy birthday!!!" Crislayne | @Crislaynebarlow

"You're amazing, happy and funny. You're an influence for too many people! I want to wish you many years of life in God's presence. May God continue blessing you and keeping you able to turn people' lives happier! Happy Birthday Lauren!" Hellen Eler 

"Happy Birthday! Brazil is waiting for you!" Gabi | @Gabi_Bear 

"The special day is here again! You're just special to Brazil today! My life would be dark without your smile. Thank you for the nice days around me. I love you! Happy Birthday!" Elton| @Saleselton

"Lauren, you are blessing wherever you go, May God continue blessing you! I wish you all the best!" 
Jammy | @JammyCavalcante

"Hey Lauren!! Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing anniversary!! Never forget that Brazil really loves you! God bless you!!" Rafaela | @RafaelaBiazi
"I wish you a great birthday! May God bless your life and I hope you continue transmiting the joy that's inside you! I love you!" Ana Karla

"I wish to praise God in that special day! Who would be able to create someone who really knows how to make many people happy as you? I wish you all the wisdom to take the God's word! Happy Birthday!" Livia | @LiviaZurc

"Lauren Barlow, you're blessed! God has been using you to keep you in the Holy Spirit's flame to turn in our hearts! In that special day, I wish you that Holy Spirit continues by your side, how He has always been there. Happy Birthday!" Erika | @ErikahAndrade_ 

'We're grateful for God for you being a blessing and getting many lifes for Him!' (May you be blessed by the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth" - Psalms 113:14)" Maria Vitória | @vitoriaissler

"What do you wish for someone you Love in her special Day? Happiness? Peace? Love? More of God? I wish for you that all things be multiplied 27 times! Happy birthday! I wish you many more to come Lauren!" Carol Roma | @CarolRoma

"Dear Lauren, we thank God for having brought you into the world and for using as a blessing in our lives. Thanks for giving us a truth Christian testimony." @biiilinha

"You're amazing, adorable and very talented! You're an influence to me! May God bless you always!" @fabi_costta

"Happy Birthday Lauren! Thank you for being a referential model for many girls, including me. Matthew 5:16 reflects your life: Shining for Jesus!" Alana Souza | @itsatwiggy

"May God continue blessing you! You're a blessing in our lives! Brazil loves you!" Greicy Marthins | @greicy_rock

"Happy Birthday Lauren! May Holy Spirit keep you able each day for praise and be able to change many lives!" Marcelle Gonçalves | @cellebg

"Hi Lauren! I thank God for having you in our lives. You melt our heart when you sing. I wish you all the best ever!" Milianny | @Mili_anny

"Happy Birthday Lauren! May God bless you more and more. And many lives could be giving to him by you! I admire you so much!" Ilana Marques | @LanisDias

It was a post just to show you how the Brazilians fans loves you!
And we all can't lose the opportunity to say you how special you are!
We are glad to do it for you!


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Vcs são DEMAIS!!!! Ficou muito legal essa homenagem!!!:)

gostei bastante.. as fotos ficaram ótimas. =)

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